Conquering the "Skinny" Maternity Jean Debacle

So I admit it. I was one of those that was determined to wear my own, regular skinny jeans as long as I could during this entire pregnancy. I convinced myself that once that baby got bigger and moved out of the lower belly area and upward, then I would maybe be comfortable enough to throw those old skinnies back on like it ain't no thang. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that, while I could still button them, all comfort had gone out the window and would not be coming back as far as those jeans were concerned. At least not for the next few months. The waist line had become unforgiving and the button and zippers just weren't accommodating for my expanding midsection. I couldn't help but secretly stress that I was cutting off all oxygen and smooshing my unborn child in the womb. YES, I know that's a stretch, guys, but come on. First time mom here. This task of growing a baby has REALLY panicked the already major panicker that I am.

Anyway, frustrated and uncomfortable, I confined myself to the legging world. I wasn't about to go out and spend bookoos of money on those ugly maternity jeans that are stretchy and have an elastic panel that comes up to the boobs, y'all. Because that's really the only option there is, right? At least that's what I thought. Um, I was so wrong. So SO wrong, my baby bearing friends. Or maybe you're not baby bearing but you're reading this anyway. Kudos to you.  I discovered this life-changing information while talking to my hair stylist as I was getting my hair done a few weeks ago. (Side note: if you live in Dallas and want a fab colorist or hair cut, visit Ashley Warnick at Salon Pompeo. She'll work some magic.) Ashley so kindly informed me that these days, maternity jeans aren't looking like those old maternity jeans we all know and love. Unless of course you prefer that kind, then proceed and ignore this info. Designers and maternity stores alike have created this genius low-rise, under-the-bump jean that looks just like any old skinny jean except for a small elastic panel on the side that has some good stretch to it. The waist line is cut to come a little higher in the back and dips real low in the front to allow that bump to breathe. They literally look NOTHING like a maternity jean and they are just the bomb diggity. No more having to wear long shirts to cover up the bum in those high-waisted leggings. You can wear somewhat normal looking clothes and feel like a woman who is dressed all sorts of trendy and cute but is maybe carrying a child and a little front heavy ;) The elastic insert at the waist makes all the difference and you can comfortably wear them without feeling like you're harming that little nugget inside of you. Win and win. If you're not a skinny jean person or maybe you are but you want another jean option, not to worry! You can find this style of jean in all different cuts - flare, bootcut, boyfriend...whatever your taste! It's all about that low-rise, under the belly, elastic insert waistline. So stop what you're doing, heed my advice and go getchaself a pair. They'll rock yo world. 

PS: Sometimes these great fitting jeans, maternity or not, run a little pricey. To me, jeans are worth the investment because you definitely get what you pay for, and I've found that my favorite, best fitting pairs are the ones I spent a little more money on. I stand by PAIGE denim through and through. Their jeans, all fits and cuts, are seriously the best and 100% worth the investment. J Brand is another great option, but again, they're a little pricey.

 However, there ARE low-cost options. My two favorite maternity jeans I'm wearing these days both cost less than $60. One pair came from ASOS (online retailer) and the other came from Motherhood Maternity. The Gap also has some fantastic choices. So, there are great options for those that don't want to break the bank!

Here are some great options to shop from home:

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