Thursday's Insta-Threads

It's Thursday again. And I told you last week that, due to the influx of what-can-I-wear-to-work questions I've been getting, I was going to show you what I was wearing to work every Thursday to give you some outfit ideas for your office attire. So here I am again.

Whooooo says you can't wear a vintage tee to work? Not me. Vintage t-shirts are THE best, solely because they're worn and thin and slouchy and all sorts of comfortable. The trick to going from grunchy to work-appropriate is making sure you spice it up a little. You know, add some sparkle, girliness, whatever it is you're into.

Today I just threw on a statement necklace (Disclaimer: It is NOT made of real diamonds. I know you were wondering...) and my favorite bright pencil skirt and called it a day. To dress it up a liiiittle more, you can always put a tailored black blazer over it, as well. I brought mine into the office just in case I had to make a last minute meeting with someone important anyone. For those of you that can wear jeans each day, this is also SUCH a cute look to pair with your favorite denim and some heels!

PS: I tried to think of all sorts of creative ways to incorporate AC/DC lyrics into this post but I couldn't do it. Color me embarassed and ashamed. I'm sorry. I am, however, singinging along to the AC/DC station on Pandora now because some of the old classics got stuck in my head. Just in case you wanted to know.

Also: yes, these are quick iPhone snaps. Of myself. By myself. Again, don't judge me..I have a reason.

Happy Thursday, guys! Today's a good day.

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