Hands On Bracelets

I think it's no surprise to anyone around me that I love me some arm candy. And by that I mean bracelets. And the occasional watch or two. It's rare that you find me without something to decorate my wrists. In fact, I almost feel totally naked when my wrists are bare. Over the years, I've built up quite a collection of jewelry and bracelets seem to be my go-to. I love layering them and pairing them up as an accessory to whatever outfit I might be wearing.

If you're wondering, yes that is an expensive bracelet holder old rusty paper towel holder that I use to hold my jewels. I like to be frugal and thrifty...don't judge me.

I've had numerous friends and family members ask me about my bracelets and how I wear them, and here's my secret: I have no secret. The best part about bracelets and watches is that when they're layered all together, they create such a fun accessory that it doesn't matter that one of them may be cheap metal and turning your wrist green or another is being held together by a safety pin. I've collected all sorts of pieces over the years and I've got a wide range of selections from cheap to vintage to homemade to expensive designer. I mix them all up with no rhyme or reason and it always works. Also, don't be afraid of mixing your gold and silver pieces...I love the look they create together. Who matches anything these days, right?

Watches: Silver: Fossil; Gold: Michael Kors; Tortoise: Michael Kors; Bracelets: F21, Waxing Poetic, Dillard's, James Avery, Target, Four Chicks in the Park boutique (Corpus Christi, TX), Lucky Brand, 10/20 Boutique (Lubbock, TX), Stella&Dot

Another tip: a GREAT bracelet to keep around is the good 'ole wrap bracelet. Mine is leather and beaded and wraps around my wrist about four times, giving the illusion that I'm wearing several bracelets! I wear it all the time. Love it.

                                           Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelets: Waxing Poetic, Four Chicks in the Park Boutique

Bangles are also fun and festive to wear and can be a great accessory or pop to any outfit. Don't be afraid to pile those babies up on your wrists, either. However, because bangles are such attention-grabbing pieces, I usually am a little more careful with how I wear them. I find it's usually best to stick with a common color theme. I love pairing up my black and white ones.

                                                                                  Bracelets: F21, Target, Kenneth Jay Lane

Bracelets are such a great accessory to make any outfit and are the perfect, feminine touch to your look. They're so fun and easy to collect and even easier to pile up on a wrist and go! So pull together all of your wrist jewels and mix and match them to your liking! Gold, silver, beaded, colored, plastic, fabric...whatever it may be...don't be afraid to put them all together. Wear one or two alone, or pick a few and layer them up and you'll have an effortless, fashionable accessory on your hands! You can wear them with a plain t-shirt and jeans for a casual look or use them to dress up your favorite dress for a fun night out or office party. For some great priced bracelets and bangles to add to your collection, check out some of my favorite spots for jewelry! Stella & DotThe Bauble Bar and Max and Chloe each have an amazing collection of fun, fashionable and well-priced pieces!

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  1. LOVE THIS!!!! Totally perfect Blaine! So glad you're a part of the family! I'll be visiting your closet soon ;) <3