So...I really enjoy this blog. And I really really enjoy fashion and styling and getting dressed in the mornings and sharing with you all my outfit choices. I follow tons of other bloggers and find so much of my wardrobe inspiration from them, so I hope that my outfits do the same for those of you who are always looking for ways to work your wardrobe! However, being pregnant and all has made capturing an outfit these days is a little taxing, I'll admit. I wish I was more diligent about it, but I haven't been. However, I do manage to take snaps of my looks on the days that I like it and I keep up from time to time on my Instagram. So, all that being said, I don't have any kind of fancy photography type of outfit shot for you just yet (sorry!), but I have compiled some selfies snaps of my favorite looks as of late. 

Here are a couple of my recent favorite looks for those of you that are expecting and need a little inspiration in the wardrobe department. It can be hard styling that bump, y'all!

<<Confession: I've done everything I can this pregnancy to buy minimal "maternity" labeled pieces. One pair of both denim and black denim skinny jeans and a few cotton tees and tanks are the only maternity-specific items I've invested in. All the other items in the images below are pieces I already owned and luckily could still make functional over the last nine months! So don't discard your pre-pregnancy closet, you'd be surprised at how many of your favorite pieces you can still rock!>>

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